Our Ugandan Sisters
MICRO-BUSINESS GRANTS: Our programs focus on how to give single mothers who are HIV positive in Uganda the opportunities and resources to build sustainable, healthy lives. Our Crazy Love Africa sisters are encouraged to follow their dreams and use their gifts when starting their businesses. Micro-business grants are an effective strategy for alleviating poverty and empowering our sisters. In addition to creating sustainable income, our programs include monthly sisterhood support circles where the sisters will gather, learn to make skilled crafts, and receive business training, HIV education, and emotional support. 

ARTISAN CRAFTS: Crazy Love Africa provides training to our sisters in artisan craft making. This skill provides an additional income for sisters outside of their personal business. Crafts are fairly-traded and benefit directly the individual who created them. Large orders are placed and our Artisan trainers assign our sisters to projects. They work together to fulfill orders. 100% of the proceeds of the crafts sold in the U.S. are poured back into our sisters in Uganda.

SISTERHOOD SUPPORT: Crazy Love Africa trains and supports our sisters within community cooperative groups. The sisterhood support circles meet at least twice monthly and create both a safe community and a model to promote motivation & success. The community reduces the stigma and isolation our sisters feel because of their HIV status thus bringing them confidence and hope.

CHILD SPONSORSHIP: Crazy Love Africa also provides educational sponsors for all children of the women who participate in our program. Our students attend nursery school through vocational schools or universities. A sponsor is identified for each child to pay their school fees.

AMBASSADORS: We are looking for adult women from all walks of life who are willing to open their hearts and minds in service to our sisters in Uganda. Crazy Love Africa desires to find women with a variety of strengths and abilities willing to share those gifts and empower others through our global sisterhood. 

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