Crazy Love Africa



 Crazy Love Africa is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to serve, restore, empower, and strengthen women in Uganda who are HIV-positive, single mothers.  As a result, we will touch the children in their care, through education, community, and sustainable job creation. By working alongside women as global sisters, we create change, while addressing inequality, and strengthening families, and communities. We believe women are deserving of our effort, attention, respect, and love. 

After adopting 4 children from Ethiopia and Uganda who were orphaned by AIDS, the mission to empower mothers living with HIV grew in the hearts of the Wiederholt family. “Our eyes were opened to the injustices surrounding women living with HIV in Africa. HIV was not killing these young mothers. Instead, stigma, poverty, fear, and hopelessness was taking these women from their children. We had to do something about that.”  Jess began reading about micro-business grants and ways to give women hope through empowerment and community. What started as a way for the Wiederholt family to empower a few women and keep their children involved in the villages where they were born has evolved into a beautiful movement of empowering women and strengthening entire communities. Through creating safe cooperatives, providing training, and teaching skills, our Crazy Love Africa sisters are now leaders in the villages where they live. “We are giving women opportunities and elevating their voices.”

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